For women in disadvantaged communities a bra is often unobtainable or unaffordable. This project collects new and second hand bras and sends them wherever we have requests.
Need Bras?

Information for groups requiring donated bras

The Uplift Project does not supply bras directly to individuals.

Outside of Australia and New Zealand, we ship only to Import Duty Exempt organizations, such as Red Cross, YWCA, and Rotary. If your group is not Import Duty Exempt, you will have to organize for an exempt group to receive bras for you. Please be aware that if bras come into your country duty free, and are then found being sold, the Exemption may be at risk. Exempt organizations need to be very sure that bra distribution will be secure and appropriate. In some jurisdictions Import Duty Exempt status may not extend to receiving goods on behalf of another organization. Your group will need to research the local regulations.

Uplift has very limited funding for shipping, and requests can only be met when funding is available. To request bra supply please contact Liz Baker via e-mail

Outside the Asia Pacific region, Uplift can list a postal address on our website, and call for people visiting our site to post items to you. The supply may be slow, or variable, but the worst that can happen is you get no bras. Inside Australia thousands of bras get posted each month. As awareness of Uplift spreads, donation rates will increase. Uplift will only list import duty exempt organizations OR ones with a clear website and track record of service. It will help if you can give an estimate of the sizes of bras required in your region. To apply for a listing please contact Liz Baker via e-mail

Uplift has had requests for bras from groups that can provide no evidence that they are legitimate aid organisations. We regret that these requests cannot be met. We wish to ensure our donor's intentions are respected. We have had donated bras stolen and sold during distribution in the past. We are aware of other donated items being sold for personal profit, and will not risk becoming involved in this activity.


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